Understanding if Yext is Right For You
 by Mary Bowling

Understanding if Yext is Right For You — by Mary Bowling

yext logoWhether you're an agency providing Local Search services to clients or a business doing your own Local Search marketing, there's a very good chance that you've been contacted multiple times by the sales team for Yext. There is a lot of confusion and controversy about this service, so let's take a closer look.

Yext's salesforce is legendary among Internet marketers for its unrelenting aggressiveness. Businesses whose phone number is put into the Yext Scan Tool can expect to get a sales call often within minutes. So, if you are using the Yext scan tool for either your clients or your in-house locations, it's likely that you're prompting an immediate sales call to that business's phone number.

Clients and at-location managers need to be prepared for this or they may fall prey to the sales pitches, which must also be the stuff of legend since so many people on the receiving end (at least the ones that I have dealt with) come away believing that by using Yext they can update all of their online listings and correct all of the inconsistent information on the Internet about them instantly.

Yext also advertises quite aggressively. Here are some screen shot examples of Yext ads on Google and the above-the-fold area of the landing pages that those ads go to. Yes, there is additional information below the fold on the landing pages, but these are the strong messages every reader is immediately presented with.

This ad and landing page combination claims to List your business everywhere in the ad and then to Fix your online listings everywhere on the landing page:

yext example 1

This set says Claim Your Places Listing Add your business on Places and uses Google_Places in the display URL of the ad. It then says CORRECT YOUR LOCAL LISTING HERE and Fix your online listings everywhere on the landing page:


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