The TOP 7 Email Marketing Questions, Answered!
 by Craig Pence

The TOP 7 Email Marketing Questions, Answered! (Part 1) — by Craig Pence

IF you've ever searched for email marketing advice online, only to find yourself more confused than when you started, you're not alone.

I'm not going to say it's because people purposefully try to confuse you with useless information (I think most people mean well), but with so many opinions it's hard to know where you should be spending your time.

It has been my experience that looking to the web for free tips and email strategy is tricky. What you often find instead is click-bait linked to fluff-filled articles mainly written for the purpose of driving web traffic into a prospect funnel.

So instead, in this article, I'll give you simple, straight-up, reliable, and useful answers to 7 of the most important email questions for which you might otherwise find challenging to get good answers.

#1. What triggers SPAM filters and how can I keep my emails out of them?

Keeping your emails out of spam is by no means an exact science. Anyone who tells you differently is full of salami. The filters are constantly changing, which can be frustrating for email senders of all types. The key to making sure your emails get delivered to the main inbox is focusing on writing emails your customers enjoy reading. When you do that, you'll get lots of engagement (opens, clicks, questions and replies), a factor the major email clients have said is the leading indicator used for deliverability.

Also, understand that email deliverability varies depending on whether you're sending on a shared IP address or a dedicated IP address. If you're on a dedicated IP address you control your own destiny. However, if you're sending using an email service provider (ESP) such as Aweber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, ActiveCampaign etc, you'll most likely be placed on a shared IP address by defau...


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