Use Foursquare to Easily Generate Google Local Reviews.
 by Casey Markee

Use Foursquare to Generate Google Local Reviews. Here's How!

  • Per your advice, we got established on Foursquare earlier this year and have already generated dozens of check-ins. We've offered customer and Mayor specials and are pleased with the increased foot traffic and the tips that have been left. However, we'd like to get those same Foursquare users to leave us reviews on Google Places. Do you have some suggestions?

Foursquare to generate Local ReviewsAnswer: Congratulations on embracing the power of Foursquare. With a user base 20 million strong and a recent publicized move to make BIG MONEY with promoted specials for you and other merchant users, it's never been a better time to get on the Foursquare wagon!

It sounds like you've done a great job implementing the tips in our recent article Get the Most out of Foursquare for your Business: 7 Tips to Getting Right the First Time. That's going to make it substantially easier for you to migrate your Foursquare users over to your Google Places review page.

And this is certainly something you are wise to do since Google has been increasing the level of authority it provides to local businesses based upon the sentiment generated by local reviews and ratings. In other words: local businesses who generate more multi-star reviews are performing better in Google Places when compared to their competition.

So how do you do this? Everyone knows reviews are important, but actually GETTING your customers to leave them (especially those on another platform) is easier said than done.



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