11 Link Building Strategies the Pros Use to Grow their Site's Authoritative Links
 by Casey Markee

11 Link Building Strategies the Pros Use to Grow their Site's Authoritative Links — by Casey Markee

It's no secret that search engines love links. The better your incoming links, the better your site will rank. And contrary to what you may have heard, link building is far from dead! However, the wrong kind of links can torpedo your site.

Comment links, article links, press releases, too many reciprocal links, those from your own network of sites or clearly paid-for links all send off alarm bells that scream to the search engines that you're attempting to manipulate your rankings and you can easily experience a ranking backlash if you push too hard. Any link building strategy you can automate leaves a digital footprint you do not want leading back to your site's doorstep.

What you need instead are one-way links from a wide range of authoritative sites. The best and most effective way to build such links quickly is to create kick-ass content of the evergreen variety and network with related businesses by perfecting your link outreach practices. However, while those are the most effective approaches they also require a fair amount of work.

To be sure you've covered all the bases when it comes to your link building campaigns we've outlined the BEST authoritative sources to quickly add legitimate inbound links to your site and those of your clients with very little effort. If you're an old pro at this, these sources may all be recognizable to you and this article is just a thumbs up that you're still on the right track. Regardless of your experience level, these are all<...