The 13 Fastest Ways to Kill Your Site’s Search Engine Rankings
 by Kristi Hagen

The 13 Fastest Ways to Kill Your Site's Search Engine Rankings - by Kristi Hagen

Kill RankingsGoogle has created a lot of rules and policies over the years to make sure sites play by their rules. Sites that ignore them are ritualistically slashed from the search results on an ever increasing basis. These almost monthly massacres are going after more and more sites that are all doing the same things wrong!

This article is a new twist on the top things you can do to become one of the many nameless victims left after the next algorithm update (1...2...Google is coming for you...3...4...lock the door.)

  1. Kill RankingsDon't be fresh and original. It's like a horror movie plot you've seen 100 times when the pretty young girl runs screaming up the stairs instead of out the front door when the man in the mask shows up. Instead of writing your own original articles just copy articles from various other sites or 'spin' your content into gibberish keyword rich phrases that no human can understand.

    If a Web site has a really good article, why try to compete with your own original content? You can just copy and paste it to your site and BAM content added. While you're at it, lots of Web sites sell PLR (private label rights) article packs that have been resold and 'spun' hundreds of times. You'll never have to write again if you post them onto your site and through the article directories without revising any of the content. Cutting corners like this means you're guaranteed to be publishing duplicate content.

    When this happens, your site will be flagged by the duplicate content filters on Google and ranked lower than the sites that you've copied from.

    ** We've outlined steps to avoid getting trapped in the duplicate content house of mirrors in The S...

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