5 Ways to Engage your Customers with Video!
 by Casey Markee

5 Ways to Engage your Customers with Video!

  • We have a lot of video content on our site but I know we aren't making the best use of it to connect with our customers. How can we better leverage this content to drive sales and enhance our communication with site visitors?

Answer: Using video content to engage customers and drive new prospects is still a surprisingly under-utilized strategy with brands big and small. Not only is it relatively inexpensive to use but video content can be leveraged in many different ways and is easy to promote through social media.


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Video is powerful! It allows you to connect to your audience on a personal level and provide context that potential users can use to form an opinion before they even step foot in your store or browse your online catalog.

The question we get most though is: How do we best use video to engage our customers? Here are 5 great suggestions along with illustrative examples from companies who are getting it right:

  • 1. Tell your Story: What is it about your company that makes you unique? Video is a very v...


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