8 Steps to Insulate Your Web Site from Future Spam Updates
 by Casey Markee

8 Steps to Insulate Your Web Site from Future Spam Updates

  • With all of the algorithmic updates that Google is pushing out in ever-increasing frequencies, it's getting harder and harder to know what best practices we can standardize and implement regularly with our clients. What can we do on a regular basis to not only maintain client rankings but increase them between these updates?

Keep Calm Google Update GraphicAnswer: As we reported from Pubcon Las Vegas, Matt Cutts was clear in stating that more quality-related spam algorithms by Google are in the pipeline. Based on that feedback alone it's imperative that site owners start thinking proactively about what they can do to best protect their sites and those of their clients from the proverbial Google Dance.

Fortunately, we've got you covered! When we research, advise, and unwind algorithmic-related issues with SEN subscribers and our own clients we stress a simple checklist that they should implement to prevent future problems. The checklist involves eight specific recommendations:

  • 1. Monitor your Backlink Profile: As an SEN member you have access to our Web CEO client manager. It provides a robust Link Monitoring Tool and Buzz Tracker to find new links as they click in. We also recommend Majestic SEO and the Link Alerts program from Cemper Link Research Tools. Finally, don't forget to use Google Alerts to monitor new mentions and links as they happen.
  • 2. Regularly Update your Disavow File: Correctly monitoring your backlink profile is necessary to identify suspect or "toxic" links to proactively add to your disavow file. Article links, low-quality directory, foreign TLD...