Link Building: 7 Simple Ways a Pro Evaluates True Link Quality
 by Casey Markee

Link Building: 7 Simple Ways a Pro Evaluates True Link Quality

  • We know link building is important but as with most things, quality matters. What tips can you give us so that we can more effectively train our clients to understand the difference between a good link and a bad link?

Answer: It's a long-held belief that Google still makes significant use of link signals within their many algorithms. When SEOs are annually surveyed and asked to rank the factors that go into competitively positioning a site online, the top answers are predominantly link-based.

But in a post-Penguin World, many link building vehicles have been decimated in value and now, more than ever, getting BAD links will hurt you!

Google Bad Link Building Targets Graphic

So what characteristics does a "good" link exhibit in Google's eyes? How can you make sure that YOUR link building strategies don't trigger a possible manual or algorithmic slam in the future?

Here at SEN we've reported repeatedly that Google is looking for what they call natural link building. We've also discussed what natural link building does not look like especially with regard to sponsored or advertorial content practices.

We've even published resources that show in detail that