A Better Alternative to Directory Listings
 by Kristi Hagen

A Better Alternative to Directory Listings

  • I read your good articles on directories, and have been pondering my listing in AllTop.com. It's a high DA page with a million visits per month. In spite of them updating my blog roll daily, I get exactly close-to-zero traffic from them. I didn't pay anything to submit, but it sort of makes me wonder what's the point!? Your thoughts?


No surprise. Directories are basically dead.

DMOZ (the Open Directory) was just shuttered by Google who has repeatedly said not to waste your time on directory links. AllTop used to be a good syndicator that sent a lot of traffic, but that's not the case anymore.

Instead, we recommend you shift your efforts to getting listings on niche sites that cater to your target audience.

Try seeking out private lists from bloggers who are likely to send you some highly targeted traffic. And, a little brushing up on advanced Google search operators might greatly help you locate the best places from where to get the most targeted traffic.

Here an excellent SEN resource that will help: Advanced Search Operator Cheat SheetSEN article end