UK Local Search Directories
 by Keith Saye

local citation directory ukLocal Search is all about authority and consistency in your business' data across the Internet. Search engines, like Google, tend to trust certain directory and citation sources more which then tend to give your local listing a boost in the rankings. But which directories?...and which citation sources are the trusted ones? Our Ultimate Local Search Directory & Citation List provides THE list of sources that can boost your local listing.

Note: It is obviously important that these listings are found by Google, in order to be counted as citations. To that end, I have gone through all of these directories individually and checked at least one listing at random.

Local Citation Directories in UK
Directory Add Notes
Approved Business Add A business to business (B2B) directory of over 55,000 UK businesses.
Bing for UK Add Serves BT, Bing, Yahoo,,,m amongst others
Bing Places Add
Brown Book Add Brownbo...