Take your Content Viral with Collaborative Social Sharing.
 by Joshua Fricke

Take your Content Viral with Collaborative Social Sharing.

  • We know the value of link bait content and have written some great pieces which, unfortunately, haven't performed as well as we'd like. We've started reaching out and using collaborative social sharing platforms like Triberr and have liked the results so far. What do you think of this approach and do you have other suggestions?

Answer: As we've said before, Twitter can be very fickle. Every day, thousands of site owners tweet out content that in a majority of cases simply dies on the vine. Even the greatest content can sometimes just not "click" with the right user if you fail to write a captivating tweet, use a poor account to start the campaign, or just send out the tweets at the wrong times.

First off, congratulations on embracing link bait and using your blog so effectively. Clearly, not all link bait content will be a home run and for the sake of this question, we'll assume you are using all of our recommended promotional strategies covered in our popular previous report:

How to Promote your Link Bait: 10 Strategies that Work!

If you review the above, pay particular attention to strategy #3 - Use Collaborative Social Sharing. You can see that this is a valid technique and something we've been pushing for years. Specifically, collaborative social sharing platforms like Triberr are a FANTASTIC approach to expand the reach of your site content by connecting with like users who can share it with their own networks.

Collaborative social sharing isn't a new concept. Whenever you tag someone on Facebook or put an @mention in a Tweet, or Pin a graphic to a cooperative Pinterest board, you are engaging in a form of collaborative social sharing at that specific point in time. Have ...


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