Tool Demo Video: How the Pros do a Backlink Audit
 by Keith Saye

Tool Demo Video: How the Pros do a Backlink Audit

pro_support_logo_edited.pngAs you may already know, all SEN Pro Support members get full access to WebCEO's complete SEO tool suite as part of their membership resources. And because of how comprehensive these tools are we are creating a full library of Tool Demonstration Videos to help you leverage these tools to their full capacity.

Our goal is to feature one new video a month as we work with WebCEO to build out these tools with new features and benefits for you. If you would like a Free Trial to test out the tools let us know.

How the Pros do a Comprehensive Backlink Audit

Leverage the video below to earn exactly how to identify links that need to be added to your site's Disavow File. Be sure to click the full screen icon on the video player to get a better view of the video.

Leverage the video above to learn how our Experts do a professional backlink audit for a website while leveraging the WebCEO tools. Specifically you'll learn how to:

  • Identify Links to add to the disavow file.

  • Learn which links can be ignored completely.

  • Adjust your Backlink Tool to give you the best results.

  • Set up an automatic scan schedule to get notices when things change.