Top 5 Ways to go Viral on Slideshare
 by Casey Markee

Top 5 Ways to go Viral on Slideshare

  • We have a company Slideshare channel that has been populated with dozens of presentations over the last six months. Unfortunately, this hasn't translated into many subscribers or views. Do you have any tips or strategies that would allow us to better promote this content and increase its viral impact?

Top 5 Ways to go Viral on SlideShareAnswer: Slideshare is a fantastic social media platform that also happens to be home to the world's largest content sharing community. With a highly professional audience and over 60 million views each month, you are certainly correct in wanting to leverage this platform as much as possible.

A recent blog post on the Slideshare blog used Mary Meeker's Internet Trends 2013 report (which has 2 million+ views as of this writing) to illustrate how one can "go viral" on the presentation sharing website and it's absolutely worth a read. The article emphasized the power of using conferences to your advantage, and while that can certainly be an effective marketing tactic, it is just one of many ways to get your content viewed, liked, and shared across the platform.

We've put together our own Top 5 Ways to go Viral on SlideShare checklist which includes observations from Meeker's successful post to provide insight on how you too can have similar success.

  • 1. Understand what Presentations do well on Slideshare: Meeker's presentation is very detailed (100+ slides), highly targeted toward a specific audience