A Top-Down Approach To Designing High-Ranking Web Pages!
 by Stephen Mahaney

Seeking the elusive silver bullet?
A Top-Down Approach To Designing High-Ranking Web Pages! ...How To Tweak the 10 Most Important On-Page Elements!
—by Stephen Mahaney

programmer.jpgAre you an algorithm-junkie? Forever lusting after that secret mythical formula search engines use to rank Web pages? Are you convinced that if you could just figure out the exact location to put your keywords, in the exact order and exact number, that your pages would instantly rocket to the top of the search results?

If you are, don't worry. There's hope. We used to be algorithm junkies too, back in the days when tweaking titles, keywords and meta tags actually WAS the key to top search engine placement. But we kicked the habit as soon as our research indicated that search engines were not only evolving beyond simple formulas, they were developing completely new ways of ranking pages.

After all, if we expected to continue producing results for our clients, and good advice for our members, then we had to accept the reality of the long term perspective in response to the paradigm shift that Google pioneered as they exploded upon the World Wide Web of search.

Most certainly, we continue to track the search results and we test every assumption. We watch the search engines like a hawk. Regardless, our years of diligent and continuous testing has led us to many conclusions—but none more important than the fact that...

Trying to reverse engineer every little aspect of a search engine's ranking algorithm is not the best use of anyone's time.

Once you've grasped the way search engines work, and you understand the type of pages they WANT to rank highly, taking a big picture approach allows you to accomplish far more success with less effort. And, perhaps MOST important is that your successes will be longer lasting!

Think about this – even if we did know th...

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