How to Shift Away from Google Reader in 15min or Less
 by Casey Markee

How to Shift Away from Google Reader in 15min or Less
...3 great alternatives we've hand picked for you! by Casey Markee

google_reader_closes.jpgGoogle Reader has about three months left to live. On July 1, the company will inexplicably remove one of its greatest assets leaving your list of daily feeds homeless. Rather than wait until the last minute to find an alternative, you should be looking for a viable replacement now.

Don't worry we've got you covered. We here at (SEN) have put together a quick list of our top 3 Google Reader replacement picks that can help you avoid the impending headaches. Pick one of these, and the end of Google Reader could be about as noticeable as the 2012 Mayan Apocalypse.

Exporting Your Feeds...

Some of the choices we've outlined require you to upload an .XML file of your subscriptions. To grab this, go to your Google Reader account and click Reader settings and then select the Import/Export tab. Once you do, you'll see a link marked Download your data through Takeout. Clicking this link compresses the data and allows you to create an archive, which can then be downloaded and imported to the reader you decide on later.

1. Feedly: DevHD launched Feedly in 2008. Since that time, it has become a favorite for Android and iOS users because of its elegant magazine-style format, speedy operation, and stability.

Feedly RSS Reader

How to Import Your Subscriptions:

  • 1. Choose the version of Feedly you wish to download from the Home page. It's available f...