Top 7 Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Conference Takeaways
 by Casey Markee

Top 7 Pubcon Las Vegas 2013 Conference Takeaways

  • I wasn't able to attend Pubcon 2013 this year in Las Vegas but my Twitter stream was jam-packed with news, tips and strategies. Can you provide a review of the top takeaways that came out of the conference?

Pubcon Las Vegas was a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet of SEO, link building, local search, and content marketing strategies, tips, tricks and truisms that every marketer would find valuable. Although it's impossible to cover all the awesome in just one article, here are some takeaways that struck me personally during the sessions I was able to attend.

  1. Matt Cutts of Google and Jason Calacanis had a Spirited Discussion.

    Thunderdome Pubcon Tweet

    Jason Calcanis (@Jason), formerly of the now defunct, had a great keynote address on Tuesday, a large part of which was a bashing of Google. Jason stated that when the Content Farmer Update (now known as Panda) came out, it unfairly labeled Mahalo a low-quality content farm and destroyed the business. He felt as a "close" partner with Google, he should have at least been given more of a chance to make his case. Matt addresses this in his keynote on Wednesday stating bluntly that Mahalo content was laughable in many aspects and that the entire site just didn't pass mustard. Matt then reiterated that Google doesn't pla...