Bing's View on What Makes for Quality Content

Bing's Webmaster Center Blog posted their opinion on what qualifies as quality content, with very few surprises. However there is some important information revealed you might not be aware of.

Follow along for our interpretation of what Bing's Duane Forrester posted -

  • Bounce Rate - The number of people that hit the back button after clicking your URL in the search result does matter. We've heard numerous reports that this is a metric that Bing and Google pay attention to. Therefore, the longer you can keep the user on site without revisiting Bing, or using the Bing Toolbar, the better it may be for your search ranking. More specifically, Bing regards a visit of a minute or two to be a good high quality result, but less than a couple seconds before hitting the back button is a bad sign, which can hurt ranking. On a side note - slow loading and missing pages are also a reason people frequently hit the back button.
  • Duplicate Content - Lack of Unique Content is a signal of low quality, Bing specifically mentions this does count and uses examples of sites that use the same (duplicate) product descriptions as other sites. This lack of unique content is a low quality signal.
  • Mix Images w/Text - All text on the page with no or few images in the body, or a page with nothing but an image - like an image gallery page is something Bing reports to be a low quality page. We have not seen examples of this affecting ranking directly, however it is possible that a lack of text, or lack of images might affect the bounce ratios for a page. This is something you may want to experiment with.
  • Social Sharing Features - Bing recommends enabling ways for visitors to share your content through social media. We have seen some situations where the addition of Facebook Social Open Graph tags and enabling visitors to "Like" a specific Web site URL (not the Facebook page) resulted in better ranking at Bing.
  • Language Translation - Automatic and/or software language translated text can be a sign of poor quality if the translation is indexed. Bing recommends avoiding automated tools, instead have the content translated...

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