How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search: 8 Pro Tips
 by Michelle Stinson Ross

How to Optimize Your Content for Voice Search: 8 Pro Tips — by Michelle Stinson Ross

voice_search_optimization.pngAs SEOs, content creators, and marketing professionals we are pushed to continually adjust to the technology that seems to be evolving faster and faster. The days of gaming simple search engines are over. No longer are there big announced updates to search algorithms that can decide a site's fate overnight.

Instead we're forced to adjust to a world of constant small changes based on the engines' understanding of not just words but language and human behavior. One of the most obvious and yet biggest changes on the horizon for user experience optimization is Voice Search.

Voice Search: The Next Evolution of User-first Design

Voice search in particular is moving businesses and users away from mediated (read here clunky) communication and closer to human interaction. The more we use voice devices, the more it feels like we are engaging in a human conversation. Leveraging voice search forces us to think about information in entirely different ways than when we are looking at a screen.

"Voice Search is changing the way SEO's understand language. We have to be able to understand different dialects, subcultures and interpret meanings to accommodate variances in language." - Andreea Cojocariu

Consider how much language in the US alone has changed in the 20 years that searching the web has been available. Everything from slang to grammar to punctuation has changed the way we use words to express our needs, wants and desires. Content creation and writers will become the driving force behind sales as technology pushes sites to cater to the user like never before.

Writing for Voice Search: Actionable Tips

Content is key to being successful with Voice Search and there are a lot of strategies that come into play. Follow these tips to put your best foot forward in the race to Voice Search results.

  1. You're a screenwriter: The very first step is probably the most important yet the easiest to wrap your head around. You want to be a screenwriter and NOT novelist! Think about it - screenwriters write specifically for human beings to spea...