A Geek's Guide to Getting a Dynamic Site Fully Indexed with Google
 by John Heard

An Introduction to Mod_Rewrite... A Geek's Guide to Getting a Dynamic Site Fully Indexed with Google —By John Heard

Dynamic URLs are those funky Web addresses packed with tons of ?'s, &'s and ='s, usually also containing lots of numbers and random characters. They tend to look something like this...


You've seen these right? For some extremely long ones, take a look at a site like Amazon, some of their URLs are crazy long - but those are the ones they use for SEO purposes!

Static URLs, meanwhile, contain none of that nonsense and are designed to be clean and simple...


Looks better, right? Fortunately, there's a little bit of Apache server magic known as mod_rewrite that makes it easy to take your ugly, unwieldy, dynamic URLs and turn them into something clean and static. In this report, we'll show you how to do that.

Be warned - this is not a beginner level article. However, with a little patience and a small amount of technical knowledge you can successfully apply this knowledge to your site.

Benefits of Static Appearing URLs
  • Improved click through rates. Visitors are more likely to click a link that is clear and simple. Many times if the keyword is in the URL, the word will be bolded in the search results, even further improving click through rates. Increasing your click throughs can directly affect ranking.
  • They're short. Static appearing URLs tend to be about 30% to 50% shorter than URLs containing database driven dynami...

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