Cut your Wordpress blog load-time in half with MaxCDN!
 by Casey Markee

Cut your Wordpress blog load-time in half with MaxCDN!

  • We are on a large content-rich Wordpress platform. We've previously implemented a lot of your site speed strategies and yet our blog still loads well over your recommended standard of less than three seconds. Can you provide us any other best bang-for-your-buck strategies that will get our site speed up to snuff?

Answer: Improving your site speed, especially the speed of your blog, is definitely a good use of your time and efforts. As we've covered previously in the following SearchEngineNews reports, site speed is one of the most important algorithmic ranking factors used by both Bing and Google:

Google loves faster loading pages! How does your site measure up?

5 surefire tips to turbo-charge your page load times!

However, with Wordpress blogs, when you load-in several plug-ins or a custom theme the dip in performance is going to be noticeable. This is because the increased use of plug-ins, stylesheets, and JavaScript files can drag down performance by several seconds.

The good news is that you can optimize your blog considerably and decrease load times by using the relatively popular W3 Total Cache plugin. This plug-in is not news to most Wordpress users. It works by improving server performance, caching all content on your site for faster loading, and reducing the download times of all external Wordpress calls to your blog. Total Cache also allows users to integrate a content delivery network (CDN) that allows ...