How much content do you have on your home page? Is it enough?
 by Casey Markee

How much content do you have on your home page? Is it enough?

  • I have a new client whose home page isn't highly ranked in the search engines. I think the problem is a lack of content. Instead, they have of lots of images and links to products. Is there some advice on how much content to add to a home page and what is Google's advice (if any) on this issue?

Answer: Having a content-rich site these days is good for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is better SEO rankings. It's a well known fact that it's much easier to rank a site competitively when there is actual content on the page for Google to algorithmically score.

In your case, having a client that insists on a home page that minimizes content for the sake of images and links to products probably isn't the best course of action. Not only do excessive images impact site speed (which can decrease customer usability and lead to higher bounce rates), but they don't look as attractive.

We don't usually pick on specific sites here at SearchEngineNews but if you want some home page examples of sites that are light on content and doing poorly in Google as a result, check out this one, and this one, and finally this one.

Even worse, check out the home page of this Fortune 100 brand with an $11 billion market cap. Is it any wonder why this site is ranking very low in Google for its target phrase document management?

So, in viewing the above, we can start to see a visual pattern of what NOT to do. This brings us back to the original question: h...