Real World Rich Snippet Code Examples
 by John Heard

See the code that real world Web sites are using now to draw attention to their listings!
Real World Rich Snippet Reference Guide
— by John Heard & Kristi Hagen

code.jpgWe here at Planet Ocean know and understand the power of rich snippets on your profit margin. With this in mind, we've been doing our best to simplify the concepts behind realistically leveraging rich snippets within your sites.

In December we published, Your 2011 Cheat Sheet to Understanding and Leveraging Rich Snippets to Dominate Your Industry. This article walked you through understanding what a rich snippet is, why it's important and how the search engines use them.

To complete the story we've designed this guide to show you real image examples of rich snippets that are being used in the search results and the *actual* code behind the scenes.

Please note that this is not a beginner's guide, (if you need a refresher please read the initial rich snippets article).

However, if you're a pro and are ready to actually add the proper markup code to your sites and get your rich snippets indexed with Google - then read on. We wrote and designed this article just for you. It's full of code, rough around the edges and void of clever references. Yeah, we know...sounds kind of perfect huh ;)

Keep your eye on the code sections and look for the blue markup. Many of the <div> and <span> elements can be changed to suit your HTML needs as long as the markup remains the same and the elements are all contained within each other as shown.