Understanding and Leveraging Rich Snippets to Dominate Your Industry
 by John Heard

Learn how to utilize Rich Snippets to call attention to your site in the search results and increase your click through rates!
Understanding and Leveraging Rich Snippets to Dominate Your Industry
— by John Heard & Kristi Hagen

billboard.jpgWe've all seen search results with enhancements like pictures, reviews, prices, show times, phone numbers, addresses and even recipes included with some search listings. These extras (aka rich snippets) are as eye catching as a well done billboard on a busy stretch of road.

The great news is that getting those extras for your site doesn't come with a monthly advertising bill and after you've read this article you'll be well on your way to leveraging rich snippets to increase your click through rates and get a step ahead of your competition.

How do you get those cool listings to show up in search results?

The first thing you need to know in understanding rich snippets is the terminology so that we're all on the same page. If you've tried to get your head around all of this but have had problems in the past, you're not alone! It's been a confusing last couple years with all the changes in this area. The good news is it's getting better, so let's dive in and make some sense of all of it. First, let's review what these terms mean:

  • Rich Snippets is what the major search engines call the additional information (pictures, reviews, prices, show times, events, apps, etc.) that can be included in a site's search result listing.

    Example: rich snippet stars example

  • Microdata, Microformats, and RDFa are the primary structured code ...