What's the best way to exploit low-competition keyphrases to attract traffic?
 by Kristi Hagen

What's the best way to exploit low-competition keyphrase-queries to attract rankings and traffic?

  • I've found a lot of low competition gluten-free related questions that a sizable number of people seem to be searching for. Phrases like;

    • are sprees gluten free?
    • is hershey's chocolate syrup gluten free?
    • are hush puppies gluten free?
    • are mcdonalds shakes gluten free?

    I'm wondering, would it be beneficial to do a totally separate post for each of these questions even though many of them can be answered in just 1-3 sentences?


There wouldn't likely be enough content on these individual pages for Google to rank them favorably. A better strategy would be to create a single FAQ page that addresses all of these questions in one place.

Pro Tip: Before you do that however, be sure to install the Keywords Everywhere plugin and test to make sure there's enough monthly search volume on these phrases to justify your efforts.SEN article end