Your May 2017 Search Engine Bytes Digest
 by Kristi Hagen

Structured Data Testing errors ... Help!

  • I am trying to add Schema to our company's home page however when I do the Structured Data Testing I keep getting these same two errors which I have no idea how to fix:
    1. All values provided for must have the same domain.
    2. The property openingHours is not recognized by Google for an object of type Corporation.

    Fyi, we are a company that sells online and in-person training. I am using the JSON-LD Schema Markup Generator and, in the two dropdowns, I'm choosing Organization in the first and Corporation in the second but now I'm wondering if I have the right information for these two dropdowns.


Schema doesn't allow business hours for either Organization or Corporations. Yeah, we know, kinda dumb huh?

The option to select business hours is only available for local businesses or subtypes. We suggest you select Organization for your markup but remove the hours section. Don't worry about the URL error, that's a bug that'll go away when you add the code to your page and then test the page URL, not a code snippet.Planet Ocean article end

Can Google Analytics Keep a Website from Loading?

  • A colleague sent this to me asking my opinion. However, since he didn't indicate where he saw it, I suspect it may be a rumor.

    "Do not use google analytics anymore. Google will lie about your stats anyway, and Google is using the scripts to hang your website. This is why my website does not use Google analytics. Keep all code and resources INTERNAL, never set up any script that calls an outside source for content because when y...