Are all Sitewide Links on your Site Bad? Read this to find out.
 by Casey Markee

Are all Sitewide Links on your Site Bad? Read this to find out.

  • Google seems to be frowning on sitewide links more and more and we've been advising clients to minimize them whenever possible. However, from a hierarchal design point-of-view, how should we be approaching internal navigation? Are there good sitewide links? Are all footer navigation links now bad? How about social sharing buttons that are sitewide? Should we be limiting these as well?

Answer: That's a great question. First, be sure to that you're familiar and comfortable with our search archives function. You can go there anytime and enter keyword phrases like sitewide links and it brings up several resources, including the following:

Most Interesting Sitewide Links Graphic EverBasically, when talking about internal navigation and sitewide links, less is more. However, you do not need to remove ALL sitewide links on your site. But attention should be paid to remove duplicated sitewide links. For example, if you provide sidebar and header navigation, having that same navigation o...


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