On which pages should we place our Organizational mark up?
 by Kristi Hagen

On which pages should we place our Organizational mark up?

  • Is it advisable to put Organizational mark up on all pages or just the home and contact pages? It was my understanding the JSON-LD code requires the marked up information to be visible on the page. Is that true?


It's preferred that the Organization, LocalBusiness or Person markup be placed on the home page in most cases. There are exceptions, however. Suppose for instance you have multiple locations, maybe something like:

  • www.pizzahut.com/fort-worth/
  • www.pizzahut.com/dallas/

In such cases it can be advantageous to put the markup on the individual location pages. So, yes, in general the JSON/LD code should represent the content on the page itself. And just in case you want some code examples to review see our Real World Structured Data Reference Guide.

In any case you should avoid placing anything on the page that might be viewed as spammy or misleading markup like, say, review content that isn't displayed in the visible content of the page.

In regards to, say, /LocalBusiness, there's markup that would not make sense to have on the home page such as the particular logo you use, maybe hours, etc. The point is to avoid misleading the user or misrepresenting the content.

However, let's say the customer support number you put in the /Organization markup is a different number than the sales number you have on the top of the page, that's ok. But, it would be egregiously misleading to put /Organization markup saying your business name is Apple Inc., when you're actually Joe's Garage — obviously not ok (duh!).SEN article end