The State of Search 2012
 by Mary Bowling

The State of Search 2012 — by Mary Bowling

Over the past 14 years on researching the search engines we've learned many things. One of the most important is that the best insights into success come from taking the time to look at what has recently shifted within Internet marketing. With this truth in mind, every year we work with our experts in-house to create what we call The State of Search. This year, we've asked one of our top SEO experts, Mary Bowling, to transition this information into video format so that we can share it with you.

Listen as Mary weighs in with her knowledge and expertise of all the biggest events of 2011 and shares our insights into upcoming big changes to look for in 2012. Plus, if video isn't how you digest information best, we've also provided you with a transcript if you'd prefer to download and read it here.

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Keep up with the state of search and you have all the oportunity in the worldPlanet Ocean article end.

Because it pays to be informed,
Mary Bowling
Local Search Expert - Planet Ocean Trainer