BLOG stands for Better Listings On Google! - Part 1
 by Ian Cook

Learn why people are saying...
BLOG stands for Better Listings On Google!
Part One: The Anatomy of a Blog - by Liz Strauss

blogging.jpgUnless you've been hiding under a rock, you know that blogs have clearly changed the way people communicate and do business online. Companies global and local with every kind of product and service are growing their business with the speed and reach of the Internet by using blogs for these reasons:

  • Blogs attract customers who are searching for information.
  • Blogs invite customers to learn a company’s services, products, and expertise.
  • Blogs introduce customers to people who work for the company.
  • Blogs start customer conversations.

Savvy business leaders are using blogs to talk to customers and clients and to turn those conversations into long term business relationships. Beyond the profitable people connections, blogs are the new - location! location! location!

The constantly changing, relevant content on your blog is the perfect formula for the ultimate high-ranking page in Google or another search engine—here's why:

  • Blogs that are updated frequently are indexed often by search engines.
  • Highly indexed blogs increase visibility and sales lead generation.
  • Blogs are content-rich and relevant, which attract in-bound links and raise page rank.
  • All of those frequently updated pages give search engines more content to index, serve to searchers, and hang ads on.
  • Blogs can attract intensely loyal readership, which is...

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